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Hosted by MIchael
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Who does it benefit?
Build a Schoolbag Teambuilding aids children from lower tertiary levels who needs your assistance for their school items. These children enjoy the power of knowledge but they lack the financial support to own the tools for it. Your contribution will empower them with the means of gaining that power of knowledge!
Teambuilding Program
Do you still remember the simple mathematical formulas and the element table of your student days? The Brain Crusher segment is a session where you and your team mates are challenge to solve twisted brain teasers and team bonding games. With each completion of the problems, your team will be awarded with an immunity from a handicap for the bag building segment! After the Brain Crusher Segment, teams will be challenged to complete packing a given number of school bags and stationaries. This will need to be done with the handicaps assigned to them unless they have the immunity to protect them!
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